About me

David Potter has been playing the guitar since the age of 9 and the banjo since the age of 12. He made guest appearances with the Southern Star Bluegrass Band at age 14. David went on to Mercer University and Georgia College under scholarship to study Voice and Classical Guitar under Trent Howard, Edward Byrom (Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Choir), and Christine Keiteous. As a result, he has performed and toured with multiple performance and touring choirs. As a recording artist, singer, songwriter, David enjoys creating and producing his own CD's, performing as a solo musician for restaurants, private parties, large events and stages, as well as being on stage for musical theater productions.

He has also been a member of The Treasure Coast Bluegrass Band, Detour, and has played with bands such as Old Barber Bridge Band, The Indulgers, and Southern Star Bluegrass Band. As an extremely versatile solo musician, he can play anything from background music for ambience to headlining big stages and rocking street parties with solo loop performances, playing bass guitar, drums, rhythm guitar, banjo, and vocals all within one song. He is currently a member of "Wild Mountain" produced by Mike Nile(Spirit, The Indulgers) and Neale Heywood(Fleetwood Mac), playing with folks like drummer, John Ware(Emmylou Harris' Hot Band, Ricky Skaggs, Frank Zappa).

David has been inspired by music icons - Keller Williams, Bela Fleck, Peter Wernick, Earl Scruggs, John Denver, James Taylor, Jimmy Buffet, George Winston, David Wilcox, Leo Kotke, Christopher Parkening, and Segovia